Track Emission Decrease, Track Scarcity, Watch Your Money Appreciate Every Day!

About DeflaCash

Have you ever noticed that Gold is becoming more SCARCE and its VALUE goes up a lot every year?

In fact, we can see that, year after year, the gold mineral has been increasingly valued, first due to its use case, and secondly due to its high scarcity index.

DeflaCash intends to follow the same path, delivering use cases that really make a difference in people’s lives.

DeflaCash is following in the footsteps of Gold, a path of deflation and scarcity.

Why DeflaCash?

Unlike several others; assets, which they have; very high supplies
and inflating every day, DeflaCash believes that deflation,
is the way to generate wealth.If we analyze the emission of the gold mineral
, we will see an example that the continuous decrease
emissions is the right way to go. Deflation and scarcity increases the value of any asset. We can see this on a daily basis.
✅DeflaCash was created to deliver quick profits to those who invest in it, due to its recreational staking that makes DeflaCash appreciate every day.
If you are one of those who like to hold a coin for several years to try to achieve an appreciation, then DeflaCash is not for you, because everything at DeflaCash happens quickly,

✅DeflaCash will be sold only 1000 DFC per person in the pre sale so that there is no dumping after the market is opened at Probit.

Deflationary Staking

DeflaCash was developed after many mathematical calculations, to find out which would be the best deflationary system to be implemented in the code,
so that the system would function 100% correctly, reaching the peak of its issuance in 365 days.
The DeflaCash emission system was created in such a way that, there was a constant decrease in its emission, after some tests we realized that using the PoS system (Proof of Stake) was the best choice for the purpose we wanted.

DeflaCash was programmed to become scarce in 12 months (365 days), starting its shortage from the mining of its first block.
DeflaCash will be issued as a staking reward, rewarding the user who successfully mines the block by 100% of the reward.
The value of the first mined block is 36.5 DFC, decreasing 0.1 DFC every 24 hours, following the deflationary process in the graph below.


DeflaCash has a Preminer of only 365.000 units.
DeflaCash was developed to be administered by the community. We will use the feature that the pre-sale will provide to pay for the listings. During these 12 months, we will list DeflaCash on the 4 Exchange, the first listing will be at
Deposit: October 22, 2020, 11:00 KST
Trading: October 22, 2020, 12:00 KST
the launch of DeflaCash will be here, so register now. All Developers and Administrators wishing to participate in the Market will be required to purchase DeflaCash in the IEO Phase together with the Community when purchasing the Preminer, or Buy the Market at launch.
At DeflaCash, users are not at risk of receiving evictions from developers or administrators, since all pre-mined coins will be made available in the pre-sale.


To participate in the pre-sale, send the required amount of coins to one of these addresses below, remember that each unit of DeflaCash costs $1 dollar, so make the calculation send the amount according to the amount of DFC you want to purchase, send the TX transaction ID for the developer on the telegram, he will confirm and send you the amount of deflaCash you purchased.

To participate in the pre-sale, stop this site on the desktop or contact the developer on the telegram

CHND Ce97XQqDtF6WsQtJUw6TBW6Vtp5jzPr7ti
ETH 0xfa506e0918bcc2c36940d5924664471fc1516444  
DOGE DQarsFGe9JJ373Dbb7WNEWFZ8NcweKaHab  
XRP rBWpYJhuJWBPAkzJ4kYQqHShSkkF3rgeD Destination Tag: 3986018021
USDT 0xfa506e0918bcc2c36940d5924664471fc1516444 


DeflaCash will be listed on Probit, if the DeflaCash value reaches 0.00017000  bitcoin satoshis and keep for at least 30 minutes at launch, we will raffle (1) a beautiful Toyota brand car / model Corola 2021 0 KM for (1) a lucky one of the DefalCash portuguese group on the telegram, the winning user must have at least 500 DFC in their wallet.




Miningis an open process. Any user can join the network and participate in the issuing process.



At DeflaCash, your money is not at risk of losing value due to infinite emission. DeflaCash's Emission is Limited and Its Supply is Small.

Use case

Use case

DeflaCash will make available a Debit Card, will be included in the Virtual Store, and we will look for other means of use, after the end of its issue, 12 months.



DeflaCash is valued every day, due to its scarcity system. Every day your Emission is Decreased by 0.1 DFC